Time for an update.  We have been busy doing markets in FL but are now back in MN doing many indoor markets here.  You can find the list elsewhere.  We know by our sales and repeat customers that heritage wheat is working for them.  In the same day we got two very nice comments from customers.  They both gave me permission to share them with you.

We loved your turkey red flour and my mom’s arthritis has noticeably improved!  My mom is still a bit surprised the flour has such a positive effect on her arthritis. Thank you!
Susan Graham

Oh my goodness…the flour is just beautiful!  I made my husband do the “smell test” (because I make all our bread, he humors me)…but even he was startled to find it was such a pleasant smell…unlike non-heritage flours that will “knock your hat off”.  Thanks again…I’ll be back!
JoAnn Ford
The next day JoAnn emailed again and shared this story.  It made me laugh and also gave us another idea for something to try. “I decided to try my new flour on pita-pockets (only the good Lord knows why I decided to make something I’ve never made in my life before)…but my chief-sampler (my husband, Ben) just tried them and declared they are good enough to resolve the Middle East issues if only we took a platter of them to the border between Israel and everybody else over there.  I’ve been reading about making pita-pockets and found that the homemade variety often have an “ugly side” from trying to gather the dough into little round balls and having no good way to smooth it on the bottom….well, Ben (a boy who grew up on a dairy farm in Mississippi, spent his career as a biology professor all over the place and finally found his calling…woodworker)  made me a tortilla-press awhile back and when I pressed the balls lightly, it made beautiful both-sides-smooth little circles.   I know the refined Red Turkey made a huge difference in the taste, but I strongly suspect it played  just as big a part in the “performance”…I made an overnight sponge of the flour and water instead of using yeast and I covered it with a shower cap and left it out on the counter, so the rising action had to develop primarily from the flour itself…and they puffed really high!”

We love to hear what you’re doing with the flour and how you react to it.  Please let us know if it’s ok to post.  I like to share new ideas with others.  I haven’t been posting as often as I should because…………..name your excuse.  I do have some new ideas and recipes that will be up soon so watch for them.


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