How To Score Dough

How To Score Dough

Scoring your bread

Many bread bakers, especially those who are new to bread baking, ask us about scoring and why it’s important.  

What makes dough rise is the build-up of CO2 as it develops during proofing. Once the dough goes in the oven, this process continues. If you don’t give the gas a place to release, it will escape however it chooses.  Scoring gives you control over where the gas escapes. It also adds a decorative touch to your loaf.

You can purchase a lame as part of either of our Bread Kit bundles (Standard or Deluxe), or on it's own.

Browse below and fill up your pantry with flour to bake and make those beautiful lame scores.

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  • Fran

    Thank you for the tips on scoring. I have one more question regarding baking in a Dutch oven. How do I eliminate the the rippled dents on the bottom of the bread from the parchment paper. I would like to have a clean, rounded surface, especially when giving the bread as gifts.
    Thank you.

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