Sunrise Flour Mill + CEAD Farms

Sunrise Flour Mill + CEAD Farms

Full Scoop:

Darrold and I started this company in our retirement with the sole mission of providing the most digestible, highest quality wheat flour to the home baker.

Over time, to our unbelievable luck, more people wanted to stand behind this mission, and our team, company, and customer base have grown.

As more people become aware- the demand for heritage wheat has grown as well. Darrold and I are driven to find a way to meet that demand and provide these products to as many people as possible.

Understanding we can no longer meet the growing demand alone, we have decided to seek out a partnership.

We would only allow Sunrise Flour Mill to pass on to someone who believes in this mission of ours. Someone with a deep understanding of organic heritage wheat and the incredible differences these grains make in homes all over the country.

We found the right farming family in CEAD Farms led by a fourth-generation wheat farmer whose passions lie in organic farming of the heritage grains we sell. Their goals align with ours and they have the capability to continue our mission in a way that will take Sunrise Flour Mill to a place Darrold and I could only dream of, nourishing many generations to come.

As part of the CEAD Farms family, Sunrise Flour Mill will have control of our process from the moment the heritage wheat seed is placed into the rich soil of our new organic farms- to when our products arrive on your doorstep.

Since 2007, we have created and fostered a company and community that is so much more than a business. It’s a family.

Family looks out for each other. They keep one another’s best interests at heart, and they protect one another.

Our dedication to protecting the family of customers we have built and the integrity of this company remains top priority. Selecting a new partner for Sunrise was something we took very seriously.

CEAD Farms’ unwavering commitment to quality and determination to nourish families with the highest quality grains on the market makes them the perfect partner for Sunrise Flour Mill.

Want to know my favorite part? Darrold and I aren't going anywhere. Rather- we will be working in the ways that excite us most.

I will continue to write my emails to you as we develop new recipes and educate customers on a variety of topics. Only now I get to talk about growing our grains and our new organic farms!

Darrold will continue to develop and test new products and work alongside our farmers and millers.

Though we now changed our titles to founders- We’re not going anywhere.

Cannot wait to share more information next week on CEAD Farms!

All for now,

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