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Seeing how our heritage grain products have positively changed the lives and health of our customers makes what we do so much more rewarding. See how people who never thought they would eat great bread again have come to love our flours!

“I’ve recently ordered from you and was so happy to enjoy a fresh country loaf of bread! The flavor is fantastic and clean and most importantly, I had no reaction. Thank you so much from providing your flours. Nicole Thank you sooooooo much for these awesome products that you provide. LuAnn I just want to say thanks for all the extra time you have given me with my questions. Your flour is a gold mine with all the Celiac’s in my family. I hope to send more orders your way. I am the most sensitive, so it was perfect for me to try it first. Thanks so much, Carmen We have thoroughly enjoyed the flour and making buscuites and cinnamon rolls with no unwatned effects. We would like to order another 20# of the Turkey Red White…..We appreciate you and your company!”  — Sarah M.


I have so many things to tell you! First, the preliminary results of my blood sugar tests after of eating this bread were really positive…I will do more testing but I am sooo excited. Second, the Bread Event you hosted was such fun , it was great to hear the speakers and, most importantly, talk about bread. I left there inspired and excited. So much so, in fact that I have talked to the owners of the organic farm that is for sale to see if I could lease their kitchen 1-2 days per week to bake bread to sell at a couple of health food stores up here and a microbrewery that is opening in Moose Lake some time after January.


I had such a fun and informative time at this sourdough class! I’ve always been a baker but breads terrified me, so excited to use my new skills and sourdough starter.

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I’m finally getting back to you on the flour I ordered for both my mother in MN and myself here in Tucson AZ. We can both eat it without any digestion problems. Neither of us have had a flare up of our Microscopic Colitis. The flour is wonderful and everything I’ve made here has been about the best baking wise I’ve done. Since my order she has been treated for her Hyperthyroidism and has added 5lbs to her 75. She is still very thin no doubt but maybe after several more months she can get back to her healthy weight of 95lbs. I believe it’s helped her to be able to bake with your flour and be able to digest it and not become sick. So..that’s the best news to tell you from both of us. –Eddy

The Turkey Red Refined made unbelievably soft flour tortillas –Patrick

I made some pizza using the pizza flour on the weekend but changed too many variables – including the hydration and I used a no-knead technique.It was a little sticky for using a net under the dough.My family still thought it was the best pizza they have ever had. Great flavor in the crust. There were no crust bones left!I will get the hydration right on the next version for Friday night and will bake directly on the stone.Sunday I made a natural leavened loaf with a mix of 80% white and 20% red in my Romertopf. It worked perfectly at 75% hydration. Absolutely amazing flavor! I think it’s the best I have ever made thanks to your flour.I am going to make some bread in the dutch oven this weekend. I am very happy with your flour. I will recommend it wherever I go. –Andrei

I received the flour very quickly. I’ve been traveling a lot for work but I finally had a chance to make some bread this week, and the result was amazing. This flour is so rich in taste and texture. It’s as if I’ve been eating cardboard all along before in comparison. Thank you for this wonderful product and I hope you keep on growing and milling this fine wheat the good old way with health and taste as priority, and continue to defy the corporate food dictatorships. I will get my family’s flour needs from you from now on. Moses xxI get lots of complements on my baking,always. Everyone loves the flavor. I talk your company up. I told my Naturalist about you. He says he has been referring people to you and they are having great success with your flour. They are allergic to regular wheat we buy off of the shelf, but they are having no issues with your good flour. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being here and providing this service for us!!!! Good morning Marty! We LOVE your flour and my husband has had 0 problems with it… yea!!! Your oats are completely different from any other oats I’ve tried, I believe! There’s something about the ones you have… They’re wonderful!! Thank-you… -Kirsti

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