Darrold and I both have been doing well and feeling great since cutting modern wheat out of our diets.  Then we went on a trip over Thanksgiving and ended up needing to spend an extra week away so we were gone almost 2 1/2 weeks.  the short version is that we ate modern wheat products the whole time we were gone.  It took Darrold about 10 days to start feeling bad, and by the time we were home he was nearly as sick as he had been prior to switching to Turkey Red Heritage Wheat.  The first thing he did when we were back was to bake bread.  It took a couple of days of really being down and then a few more days of starting out well in the morning but running out of steam by the afternoon.  Now he’s pretty much back to feeling good again.  I started getting some pain in my finger joints again but that is gone now, too.  On Saturday I did an indoor market where many people came to buy heritage flour after having purchased it in the summer.  I lost count of how many of them said proudly that they’re eating it and feel great.  I hope if you have any of the myriad symptoms that can be associated with gluten-inotlerance you will consider trying some of our wheat.

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