When we were in PA for Christmas, Darrold got up VERY early one morning and went to Soltane Breads and Spreads, in Phoenixville, to learn from a wonderful baker, Mark Doberenz.  SB &S is a part of Camphill Soltane. This is from their website, “Camphill Soltane is a vibrant community made up of young adults with developmental disabilities, adults with developmental disabilities, and full-time, residential volunteers and families who live, learn, and work together.”  If you would like to know more about this community go to www.camphillsoltane.org.  In every Camphill community, adults with and without disabilities live and work side by side in productive ways.  Last year a storefront building became available on Bridge Street in Phonexville, and this became the outlet for the most melt-in-your-mouth pastries and breads from a brick oven, as well as coffees and teas.  Mark runs it with the help of a variety of people who live at Camphill Soltane.  He took Darrold under his wing and what he learned there has made a big difference in the kinds of breads he’s making.  Darrold baked good bread before with great chewy crust, but never was able to get the holes that are notable in good artisan bread.  Now he’s got it and wants to share it with you.  Find it featured on our “recipe” page and also under “bread”.

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