The fun of our Turkey Red and Red Fife flours is playing around with them to see what mouth-watering items they make. Don’t be discouraged if you have failures. Darrold bakes 2-3 times a week and we still throw out things that don’t work the first time around. Usually you can use any recipe you have but sometimes you have to tweak them. Everyone’s baking is different – different water, different oven temps (even though you set it at the same temp), different ambient room temp, etc. It’s interesting to use an infrared thermometer to check your oven or even a pan/griddle on the stove. You’d be surprised at the range that can happen from one spot to another. Have fun, be daring, try something you’ve always wanted to bake but never have. Don’t give up. Use your judgement as to how the batter/dough looks. If you think it looks too watery it probably is – add more flour. These were not perfected the first time around but it didn’t take long to get them right. I recently had a hip replacement and didn’t eat any hospital food. I had a mini-fridge in my room and the English muffins were a staple of my diet along with bone broth (if you have a bone problem it makes sense that all the goodness of grass-fed bone broth would help heal). I was the only one in the Joint Replacement Center who got to go home in less than 48 hours after the replacement. We always love photos of your products so send them along.

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