We just received word that when our current limited supply of Turkey Red Refined (white) flour is gone we won’t get any more before the end of the year.  The supplier wasn’t sure what the availability might be after the first of the year.  There has been severe drought where it’s grown for the last several years and the supply has been steadily lessening.  Also, it’s been a very popular flour.  Currently we are looking at options.

Over the last year we have transitioned our own use, and that of many customers, of all purpose flour to Red Fife Bolted.  It is a bit of a challenge to get people to understand the nutritional value and baking qualities but it is well worth the effort.  Bolted means that whole wheat flour has been sifted with a number 30 screen and then a number 50 screen.  This removes the bran only and makes a lighter flour.  It contains all the germ which is where most of the nutrients and oils reside.  This is as close as you can get to white flour from stone grinding.  It is a very fine, light tan flour.  The baking properties for both yeast and non-yeast products are superb.

Below is a link to a blog by a baker at Tartine Bakery in San Fransisco.  This is one of the bakeries that leads the way in artisan bread baking. The blog talks in detail about baking with Bolted flour.


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