We are in the process of transitioning the name of our Bolted flour to Sifted flour because that more aptly describes what it is.  It has about 90-95% of the bran sifted out which leaves the germ, where all the nutrients and oils reside, and the endosperm, which is the inner part that makes up white flour.  It’s still the same great flour but sporting a new name.  It will take a little while for the website and all the labels to reflect this, and for us to get used to a new name.  We’re trying but we still call it Bolted sometimes.  We had made the decision and then someone at our farmers market said she knew the term “bolted” as it applies to vegetables.  When they bolt they go to seed and usually aren’t very good after that.  That’s not how we want people to think of this wonderful flour!!

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