Bolted is a term that goes back at least as far as the 16th century.  It is another term for sifting but is used throughout the milling industry.  For our purposes it means that whole grain Red Fife flour has most of the bran sifted out but all of the germ and other nutrients remain.  That’s all. Nothing else.  Just sifted out most of the bran.  This lightens the flour.  Many people find that whole grain flour is too heavy for most baking and it needs to be blended with a more refined flour in order to get the desired texture. We ahve improved our sifting process and the resulting flour is exceptionally fine; as fine or finer than our Turkey Red Refined flour.  Due to the very white color of the endosperm of Red Fife, Sunrise Flour Mill’s Bolted Flour is almost white in color yet it has all the nutrients contained in the germ.  We are now using Sunrise Flour Mill Red Fife Bolted Flour as our all purpose flour for both yeast and non-yeast baking.

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