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We are Darrold and Marty Glanville, owners of Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch, MN.

Organic Oat Cereal

Organic Oat Cereal We milled our first bags of oat cereal by hand. When we sampled the cereal with our customers, they immediately noticed a difference between our fresh-milled batches and the oats they’ve become accustomed to before. These oat flakes are creamy, full...

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7-Grain Heritage Pancakes

  7-Grain Heritage Pancakes We blended some of our favorite organic whole grains for a pancake mix that is full of nutrients yet light and fluffy, just like a pancake should be. We use a fine mill of Turkey Red wheat; Red Fife wheat; Oat; Rye; Buckwheat; and Wild...

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Pie Crusts

Pie Crust This recipe was contributed by Sue Nielsen, Pastry Chef at Farm Table Restaurant in Amery Wisconsin. It is delcious using Sunrise Flour Mill Heritage Whole Wheat Pastry Flour. Milled fresh in house from White Sonora, a soft white winter wheat. 2 1/4 cup...

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The Unifine Mill

Life has been barreling forward to new horizons in the world of heritage grain. In an effort to continue to produce the very best grains and flour we have installed our own Unifine high-velocity impact mill! A technology that for many will feel new, but is actually an old flour-processing technique. With our new Unifine mill, we are now producing 4 new premium organic flours that we hope you will love as much as we do!

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Bread Fest 2018 is Coming Soon

Bread Festival At Mill City Farmers Market, Minneapolis 2018 Bread Fest Lineup: It is time to honor our namesake and historic locale with our annual Bread Festival! Join us for mini lectures from renowned local bakers and enter your own loaf in our baking showcase to...

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Sourdough Sweet Dough

Sourdough Sweet Dough USE SWEET DOUGH FOR DINNER ROLLS, CARAMEL ROLLS, CINNAMON BREAD, AND PASTRIES 1st dayMake a levain preferment:20 - 30 gr starter100 gr Sunrise Flour Mill Turkey Red Heritage White Flour75 - 100 gr water (non-chlorinated, 70 - 85 degrees F)Next...

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What People Tell US

There are just starting to be some good studies comint out about the positive aspects of heritage wheat over modern wheat.  We have lots of customers who give us feedback on their personal situations.  Here are some of them: I made challah with your refined heritage...

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Sourdough Focaccia

This has been a big hit at many of our sourdough classes. Day 1: Make a levain preferment: 25 - 35 gr starter 100 gr Sunrise Heritage White or Sifted Flour 75 - 100 gr water, non-chlorinated, 70-85 degrees F Mix thoroughly by hand so that all the flour and water are...

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Sourdough Miche

Sourdough Miche Miche actually means “large loaf” but the way Darrold does it, it’s also a method.  If I could have only one of the many breads he makes, this would be the one. It has a tighter crumb so my morning peanut butter and jam on toast doesn’t fall...

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Sourdough Graham Crackers

I've wanted to make graham crackers for years.  People have asked me if we carry graham flour and through my research I believe it's just whole grain flour.  Now we are looking for ways to use up starter discards so, at -20 degrees today, it seemed like as good a time...

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