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We are Darrold and Marty Glanville, owners of Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch, MN.

The Story Behind This Sourdough Starter

In his book, "Bread Alone", Daniel Leader’s definition is "sourdough, or levain as the French call it, is an intensely alive mass of fermenting yeast, flour, and water that leavens and flavors a larger amount of dough”.    This sourdough culture is a freeze dried...

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  Cornbread 3/4 C Cornmeal (fine or coarse)3/4 C Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (or any of the Sunrise flours), sifted1 Tbsp Baking Powder1/2 tsp Salt1/4 C Sugar3/4 C Milk1 Egg, beaten2 Tbsp Butter, meltedOptional Ingredients1/4 C Sourdough Starter3/4 C Apples,...

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Pesto Pizza

  Pesto Pizza Note: This recipe is for making a 12” Pizza. See "Heritage Pizza Crust" recipe for making your pizza crust. 4 oz (94 g) Basil Pesto1-2 tbsp WaterWalnuts crushed into small pieces (to taste)Parmigiano Reggiano or Mozzarella (to taste) To...

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Heritage Hot Cross Buns

  Heritage Hot Cross Buns Buns:1/2 C dried fruit of choice (raisins, currents, or craisins are common)1 C very warm milk, divided in half1/4 C white sugar1/4 C brown sugar5 tbsp butter1 tsp vanilla extract1/2 tsp salt1 envelope active dry yeast (2 ¼ tsp)2 large...

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Sourdough Discard Parmesan Cheese Crackers

  Sourdough Discard Parmesan Cheese Crackers 1 C Heritage Sunrise Flour Mill Flour (any kind)1 C sourdough discard1/3 C parmesan cheese2 tbsp thyme1/4 C olive oil1 tsp sea salt Combine flour, starter, cheese, thyme, and oil. Mix until dough is formed.Divide the...

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Heritage Pizza Crust

  Heritage Pizza Crust 450 g (approx. 1 lb.) Heritage White Flour or Heritage Pizza Flour1-2 tsp Sea Salt300 g (10-12 oz.) warm water - temperature 75-80 degrees F (chlorine free)1/2-1 tsp dry active yeast In a large bowl, measure the flour. Add the salt and mix...

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Sourdough Bread with Plum Starter

There is a lot of information available about starting and maintaining sourdough starter. Over the years we have encountered lots of theories. Many say that you need to add sugar, whole wheat, the white dust you see on ripe fruit, etc.  We have made sourdough starter...

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The Six Most Common Pizza-Making Mistakes

Let's be honest, takeout pizza can't beat homemade pizza. Over the years, we have taught many pizza making classes to bakers of all skill levels. Here are the top 6 pizza making mistakes we see all the time.   Too Much Cheese You might think that there is no such...

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Explaining Sunrise Flour Mill Wheat Flours

Sunrise Flour Mill specializes in heritage wheat varieties. Heritage wheat is not gluten free but it is pre-1950’s, pre-hybridized wheats. Many people find them more digestible than modern hybrid wheats. You can read many comments under each of our products to see why...

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Traditional Irish Soda Bread

  Traditional Irish Soda Bread 450 g Heritage White Flour or Heritage Bread Blend3/4 tsp Salt1 tsp Salt1 1/2 C Buttermilk Heat oven to 450 degrees.Sift together flour, salt and baking soda in a large bowl. Slowly stir in the buttermilk until the dough comes...

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