Wow, who knew that every third person makes pizza on a regular basis?  I don’t know if it’s that many but there are way more than I thought there were and there are many people who are grilling pizza.  We took a lot of flour to the market last week and it sold out well before the market was over.  We will have a lot more from now on and it’s available by order through the mail (see price list page).  We had our mobile oven out for its first trial run and the pizzas got rave reviews especially from an Italian man whose family in Italy has an outdoor oven and knows good pizza.  We also had a bread/pizza making class and it culminated with making pizzas.  Everyone loved them especially the family who lived several years in France and who also know good bread and pizza.  Makes us think we might be on the right track.  We’re already getting lots of repeat orders. Ready to try some?  We’ll also do classes either at our home or yours in bread and pizza making.  Get a group together up to 10 people and contact us.