2 lbs Sunrise Turkey Red Refined Flour

8 ounces whole milk sour cream (by weight), plus extra for topping finished pirogi.

2 eggs + enough cool water to equal 12 ounces total (by weight)

1 Tbsp salt

Large onion, chopped

1/4-1/2 stick butter, melted


To the flour, add the egg and water mixture, sour cream, and salt. Mix only long enough to thoroughly combine all the ingredients into a fairly wet dough. Over-mixing will cause a tough dough.

 Allow to sit in a covered bowl for two hours.

When ready to roll out, dust counter and rolling pin with enough flour so that dough does not stick. Divide into two or three equal-sized balls. Roll out thinly, but thick enough to fill without tearing. Cut circles using circular cutter (eg cookie cutter, drinking glass, etc). Fill with a small amount of filling, fold dough around the filling and pinch the edges together tightly. If there are any holes, the filling will leak out during boiling.

Drop several at a time into boiling water. Boil 5-6 minutes. At the same time, saute onion in melted butter and set aside. Remove pirogi from water with slotted spoon and place in a bowl, each time covering with part of the sauteed onion and butter. Top with sour cream and eat.

Place unused portion in a covered container. To reheat, place in a frying pan over low heat. There should be enough butter mixed with them so no additional is needed. Brown on one side, then turn them over and brown the other.


Prepare filling ahead of time so that it is cool before making the dumplings.

Traditional filling is mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese.


Add some grated horseradish to the potato mixture.



Use your imagination!! Just about anything is possible.


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