Summer finally is here in MN and Sunrise Flour Mill’s Pizza and Bread Flour as well as our frozen dough balls are selling fast.  Since we have a wood-fired oven we don’t grill our pizzas but so many of our customers do and more who would like to if they knew how to do it.  We have gathered lots of tips from the “old pros” and these might be of interest to you. Make sure the coals are really hot; 500 degrees is best.  We use an infrared thermometer in our wood oven and it would be good here too.  They are relatively inexpensive and we’ve even started using ours in the house for both the ovens and stove. It’s amazing how different the temperature in a cast iron skillet can be from one part of it to another.  Make sure the grate is clean or your crust will stick. When you’re ready to bake, push the coals aside so you have high indirect heat.  Use a peel or rimless flat-bottomed pan or baking sheet dusted with a little flour to slide your crust onto the grill to parbake it for about a minute.  This stiffens it to better hold the toppings.  A lot of people say to dust with cornmeal but we find that the sugar in it tends to burn.  Flour doesn’t.  Slide your crust off to top it.  When thinking of toppings remember less is more.  When you load a pizza with toppings it doesn’t hold up well and the flavors of the individual ingredients is lost. Slide the pizza back onto the grill and watch it to determine when you think it’s done, usually when the cheese starts to bubble, 5 minutes or less. If anyone has other thoughts about grilling pizza email me at and I’ll compile them for a follow-up.

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