The last two weeks have been full of rain.  There are die-hards who will come to the market no matter what but we need sun or at least dry weather to really get people out.  Last week we closed early due to lightening.  Ironically, we closed just about the same time last year due to storms.  They are the only two times the market has closed in the time we have been there.  This is Memorial Day week-end and there usually are lots of people who come out that day.  In MN we always thought everyone went to a cabin or lake on holiday week-ends but they don’t and traditionally thye have been some of our best markets.  This will be our last one for a few months as we are taking the summer off for a number of reasons.  That seems odd when it’s the height of the market season but we find that people don’t want to bake as much or eat hot cereals in the hot weather (but we’re wondering now if we’ll even have hot weather this year).  I’ll let you know what things are happening over the summer and if you really need something you can email info@sunriseflourmill and I’ll see how we can help you.  We always encourage people to come by if they are on their way north on 35W as we’re not too far from there and would be happy to have you stop to pick up what you need.