Saturday, May 7, 2011
5 am – alarm goes off.
5:18 am – internal alarm goes off after I fell back asleep.
6:30 am – the van is loaded and we head for Minneapolis.
7:10 am – we arrive at the Mill City Farmers Market ( where the hustle and bustle has begun.  We greet familiar vendors and try to determine what new ones are selling.  We find a few farmer friends missing as the cold, wet spring has left them with only sprouts emerging from the ground.  The only fresh produce we saw were arugula and spinach.
8:00 am – Mill City Farmers Market officially opens the 2011 season.  It gets off to a bit of a slow start even though it’s a lovely day.  I think people only come very early when it is hot out.  By 10 things are picking up and by 10:30 we both are busy talking to customers.  It’s always nice to hear that people have been waiting for us to return and we love meeting and talking to new people. Markets often have a theme.  Not the themes that the market staff often think up such as Oktoberfest, but natural themes that just happen.  This week it was children under 2, many of them babies in strollers or carriers.  I think it speaks to the looooooong winter we had with families eager to get out of the house easily and having a place to stroll with so much for little ones to look at.
1 pm – Things slowed a bit the last hour but not as much as usual and we were busy right up to the end.  For those of you reading this who live in or near the Twin Cities and who haven’t been to this market, why not give it a try.  It was our favorite even before we started selling there and judging by the faces we see over and over again, others agree.
In the photo above are Darrold talking to Susan Powers of who was indesperate need of oats.  It’s always fun to talk to her and catch up on her busy life.  If you haven’t read her blog you should even if you don’t eat raw.  Also, check out her new venture

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