It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  As you can see if you’ve visited our site before, we have a new website and we think it looks pretty good.  There are many updates that need to be made in all categories and they will come in time.  Our markets have been really busy, plus we have some new commercial customers and are doing a lot of online sales.  My next post is going to be to update the previous one in which we had just moved into Turkey Red Heritage Wheat.  We were noticing changes in Darrold then, and there are more now plus some in me that were unexpected.  We also have lots of great news to tell you about the sales of this wheat.  That will come very soon.  I wanted to post something for people who are already using it, especially the Bolted, and who may have had some trouble with it.  We have had a few customers lately and we also have noticed that it is absorbing more liquid than we’d expected.  We asked a baker friend who had led us to this wheat if he knew what the issue might be and this was his reply, specifically to a local baker who is trying it and had the problem.  He likes the flavor so much that he is willing to continue to try it in order to try to incorporate it into his line: “Heirloom wheats have a lot of variability to them, especially from season to season.  A baker has to embrace this idea and be ready to make changes as he goes.  I love the dance but its not for everyone.  Turkey is not that exotic though so he should be able to work something out.  Play with holding back water until later in the mix, play with mixing times.  Some crops tolerate mixing.  Some develop better without it.  A fast process will not suit Turkey or any old wheats for that matter.” So, if your product seems to dry, don’t hesitate to add liquid until it’s the consistency you expect.

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