I want to explain these two flours to clear up any confusion people might have.  When we first started carrying heritage wheat, we carried Turkey Red.  We had a lot of publicity that first 1-1 1/2 years when all we carried was TR and we had 3 different types – Refined, Bolted and Whole Wheat.  You can read about those under the “Products” tab of this website.  After the second year carrying it there was a confluence of severe drought in the small area of KS where it is grown causing lower yields, and we had created a lot of demand for it so it became scarce.  We still are able to get Turkey Red White (Refined) flour but for the last 2 years haven’t been able to get any berries.  That led us on a search for something we would like as much and we found Red Fife.  They have similar stories, brought over by Ukrainian Mennonites in the mid-1800’s, but one went to the Central Plains of the US and the other went to Canada.  When we tried it we liked it as much or better and we, and many, many customers, find no ill effects from it either.  It is much more plentiful than TR and we have a very good supply.  We had 40 acres of it successfully grown for us in MN in the summer of 2014.  We recently had it tested and the numbers were good. We also personally went to the mill that is bolting (sifting out most of the bran) and they have a unique system that separates one from the other without anything else happening to the flour.  It’s very fine and nearly as white as TR White and we use it as our all purpose flour for most things since it retains the germ where most of the oils and nutrients reside.  When we find a product we think we might want to add to our line, we and our chef consultants, test it usually for at least 6 months so we explore every aspect of baking.  If it’s not what we think it should be it doesn’t go in the line.  We have tried the usual three that you hear about when heritage wheat is mentioned, spelt, emmer and einkorn.  We tried really hard to make them work but they either didn’t have the flavor or baking properties, or both, that we were looking for. It can be very confusing so please never hesitate to email any questions you have.

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