We are confident with the superior quality of our heritage flours but we never tire of hearing what customers have to say.  Here are a few comments we have received recently.

Hi Marty! I made challah with your refined heritage grain flour & shared it with a few gluten sensitive friends on Friday evening–they were amazed! About four of us would like to order. Jodi

Hola Amigos, Jeff just made a batch of the best pancakes ever! Your mix rocks! He added one egg and some cinnamon, not sure if it needed it, but YUM YUM! Mel

The Turkey Red Refined made unbelievably soft flour tortillas – Patrick

I am allergic to the wheat that is sold off of the shelves in the store, but I am not allergic to your wheat.  Proves to me that all this hybrid business is not a good thing. Lynne

Everyone loves the bread I am making from your flour & your husband’s bread making instructions are easier or less-labor intensive than my prior forays. Stephen

I have so many things to tell you! First, the preliminary results of my blood sugar tests  after of eating this bread were really positive…I will do more testing but I am sooo excited.Second, the Bread Event (Mill City Farmers Market) you hosted was such fun , it was great to hear the speakers and, most importantly, talk about bread. I left there inspired and excited. So much so, in fact that I have talked to the owners of the organic farm that is for sale to see if I could lease their kitchen 1-2 days per week to bake bread to sell at a couple of health food stores up here and a microbrewery that is opening in Moose Lake some time after January. Missy

Have been using their flour for the past 2 years. Best thing I have done. Anonymous post on Square

I love the flour, it is amazing to work with and so much easier on the digestion. Lisa

I would like to place another order for flour. My daughter did very well with both varieties that we ordered before. It’s exciting that she is able to eat wheat flour again. Thank you for your wonderful products! Gretchen

I made some pizza using the pizza flour on the weekend but changed too many variables – including the hydration and I used a no-knead technique.It was a little sticky for using a net under the dough.My family still thought it was the best pizza they have ever had. Great flavor in the crust. There were no crust bones left!I will get the hydration right on the next version for Friday night and will bake directly on the stone.Sunday I made a natural leavened loaf with a mix of 80% white and 20% red in my Romertopf. It worked perfectly at 75% hydration. Absolutely amazing flavor!  I think it’s the best I have ever made thanks to your flour.I am going to make some bread in the dutch oven this weekend. I am very happy with your flour. I will recommend it wherever I go. Andrei

The new flour (Red Fife Sifted) is AMAZING. Works better for my dough than anything yet including the pizza flour. Great stretch strength and flavor too. Unbelievabley better! Barry

The Turkey Red and sifted Red Fife are absolutely the finest flours I have ever used in the 20 years I have been a student of homemade breads.  Flavor and gluten structure are second to none.  I want more… James

What we have enjoyed beyond belief is the flaked oats  We eat it every morning and there is simply no comparison between yours and commercial or even organic steel cut varieties. Debbie

I received the flour very quickly. I’ve been traveling a lot for work but I finally had a chance to make some bread this week, and the result was amazing. This flour is so rich in taste and texture. It’s as if I’ve been eating cardboard all along before in comparison. Thank you for this wonderful product and I hope you keep on growing and milling this fine wheat the good old way with health and taste as priority, and continue to defy the corporate food dictatorships. I will get my family’s flour needs from you from now on. Moses



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