We have encouraged many people to start baking their own bread but are asked by many others where they can buy bread made with our flour.  In the Twin Cities there are currently a couple of options.

One is through a bread share by Chef Jonathan Kaye, formerly of Le Cordon Bleu, to be picked up at Mill City Farmers Market.  His website is www.heritagebreads.com, and features sourdough breads made in a hand-made 3 day fermentation process. Photos of his breads and the process used in making them can be seen on his website or Instagram at heritage_breads.  Items can be ordered and paid for on his website and picked up at the Sunrise Flour Mill booth at the market on Saturdays before 1.  Sometimes he has a few extras at the market. Come early, they sell out. It isn’t a great commitment on the part of the customer – reserve 1 for the following market, reserve three either to pick up all at once, one each week for 3 weeks, once a month, etc.  There are standard white, whole wheat, chocolate/fruit, baguette, and croissants, as well as a revolving weekly special. He recently has added pretzels both salt and Asiago cheese, and chocolate chip cookies.  Look for those last two plus cake at the Wicked Wort Brewery in Robbinsdale, MN.

A second way is through occasional bread drops by Chris Boles. Chris has been a hobby baker for several years and has worked at Turtle Bread and Rustica. All his breads are 100% hand made and naturally leavened.  He currently makes 3 different breads, two that are staples and one that is a rotating special.  People began tasting his bread when he would host bread drops/pop-ups around the Twin Cities. Not only were individuals able to taste his bread at the drops, Chris also provides knowledge and education about wheat, baking and bread. Popularity and demand of his bread has grown and now he hosts bread drops every few weeks.  To know about the bread drops and to order his bread, you need to have an Instagram account.  He is currently working on building a website, calendar and blog. He can be found under fire_and_flour (where you also can see photos of his adorable 3 children). He posts mouth-watering photos of his process and finished products, lists what he will have available at each drop, and where and when they’ll occur. He is on Instagram at fire_and_flour. His website is www.fire&flour.com

Check out the Minnesota Street Market Coop in St Joseph, MN, on Saturdays when Collegeville Artisan Bakery will be selling bread made with our heritage flour.  Steve Nelson, Artisan Baker, has just begun to use our flour so it may not yet be listed under his ingredient list on his website.  He has sent some photos which lead me to believe this bread will be quite popular in the St Cloud area in the future.  Look for him at the Maple Grove Farmers Market on Thursdays in the summer.

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