Sometimes people are confused when our Products page takes them to an email.  They wonder why they can’t just purchase from there.  When we first redid our website we had an online store linked to Square for credit card payments.  With the first few orders we knew right away it wasn’t going to work.  There are some standard orders that would work ie 10 lbs or 20 lbs of flour fit perfectly in a medium or large flat-rate PO box.  However, many people order a variety of things which come in different sizes and shapes so the 10# and 20# “rules” don’t apply and they have to be configured separately.  Often people change their orders, larger, smaller or different items once we talk about it.  I’m a little selfish, too, in that I get to email back and forth with many people and I like to think we develop a bit of a personal relationship.  The result is that I almost always recall people when they reorder or send an inquiry.  I might not recall their exact order but I almost always recall whether they’ve paid by check or PayPal.  It takes a little more time for each order but so far it’s been worth it!!  I really like the personal connections ie, “I grew up as a Mennonite from Kansas….”, and especially knowing how the change to heritage wheat has affected people.  So, for now, we’ll continue with the system that seems to be working for everyone.

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