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7 Reasons Our Heritage Pasta is Special

Pasta, pasta, pasta. It’s everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and ingredients. Unfortunately, most of the pasta on the market is made with conventional wheat so many people have had to seek alternatives or exclude pasta altogether.

If that sounds like you, we might have a solution to satisfy your pasta cravings.

Sunrise Flour Mill Heritage Wheat Pasta. It's truly a game changer.

What makes Sunrise Flour Mill pasta so special?

1. It’s made with heritage wheat flour. This means that if you can eat bread and other bakes from our flour, you should be able to eat pasta as well.

2. It’s Minnesota made on Italian equipment using brass dies. This adds a little roughness to the edges making it easier for the pasta to hold sauce.

3. There are just two ingredients - flour and water. Zero additives or enrichment.

4. It’s all made in small batches by our production team. It takes us about 15 hours to make a batch of pasta - 4 hours to mix and cut the shapes, and another 11 hours to dry. Greatness can’t be rushed. Each shape is dried at low temperatures in a special drying chamber we purchased from Italy.

5. Since it’s made from heritage wheat, it's hearty, not heavy.

6. It holds its shape so that eating pasta leftovers is just as good as the original meal. When we cooked with conventional wheat pasta, I’d ask Darrold if we should save leftovers and his response every time was, “we can throw them out tonight or tomorrow. You decide”. It was always mushy. We don't have this issue with the heritage pasta.

7. There is a smidgen of whole wheat flour in the pasta giving it an extra nutrition boost.

Right now we have 3 shapes that vary enough to satisfy every pasta lover.

Fusilli - This is the most versatile shape we carry. It can be used for hot pasta or cold salads. It’s the most delicate shape we have and it can take any kind of sauce but it really likes something light like butter or olive oil and garlic, or pesto.

Rigatoni - this shape is good for heavier sauces or a casserole like baked rigatoni.

Radiatore - its name means “little radiators” because that’s what it looks like. Cute, right? It is our heartiest pasta and likes a robust sauce. You might want to be on the generous side when making the sauce because it will seep into all those crevices and hold a lot of sauce.

You can bundle and save with our Heritage Pasta Gift Pack or our Heritage Fusilli 3 Pack

For some reason, I have a hankering for pasta now… if you need me I'll be in the kitchen boiling a little fusilli (because it takes only 4 minutes to cook), and sauteing a little garlic in some olive oil.

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