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What is heritage wheat?

Wheat today is much different than wheat used to be.

Heritage Wheat-The Way Wheat Used to Be

Heritage Wheat is pre-hybridized, pre-1950’s wheat that many people find more digestible. There have been many changes in wheat since the 1950’s that makes modern wheat less digestible for people. This wheat is experiencing a resurgence.

The Heritage Way

Heritage wheat was the predominant wheat grown in America up until the 1950’s. Many people find it more digestible  than modern wheat. Its resilience allowed it to survive the Dust Bowl, and gave the Midwest it’s famous nickname “The Bread Basket”. Heritage wheat was a staple in every household. The history of it can be tracked to biblical times and has been responsible for nourishing generations. It was grown before the introduction of intensive scientific plant breeding.

foggy wheat field
farmer holding a wheat stock in a wheat field
dry and unhealthy soil with a small sad plant trying to grow
What Changed?

During the Green Revolution, leftover nitrogen from WWII was put on the soil as a fertilizer to increase yields. This produced plants with gigantic heads of wheat that were so heavy they fell over into the soil and made harvesting difficult. To solve this issue, wheat was crossed with a dwarf Japanese goat grass. This hybridization resulted in a plant with a very short, stocky stalk that could support the abnormally large and heavy heads of wheat. Wheat went from over 6 feet tall to a mere 2 feet tall. The long waving wheat fields were no longer a sight to see. This new hybridized wheat lacked a good leaf canopy which  necessitated the use of more chemical herbicides and insecticides. Crops no longer are rotated which depletes soil nutrients. Modern wheat cannot be grown without man and It does not regrow from its own seed, but needs to be replanted each year.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to Heritage Wheat, here are just a few


Many people find heritage wheat more digestible


Superior flavor compared to conventional wheat


Higher nutrient/micronutrient content than conventional wheat

Soil Health

Deep root system allows the wheat to reach water deep down

Loftier baking

Achieve loftier baked goods using heritage wheat

Easy to Use

Substitutes one for one in your favorite recipes

White bread in a bowl on a table with a bag of heritage bread flour

Flour Packed with Promise

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