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From Italy to You

This sourdough strain originally came from Italy. It was brought to us by a friend who came across it while traveling in Bolivia. Her Italian friend in Bolivia told her the starter had been maintained for over 100 years and had some very unique characteristics.

Our friend shared some with us and insisted this was a special starter. We quickly discovered it was indeed special, and the rest is history!

A Truly Special Starter

Our 100-year-old sourdough starter is perfect for beginners and experienced bakers alike. With proper care, this starter can be used an infinite number of times. Our starter combined with our heritage wheat flour creates nutrient rich baked goods that many people find more digestible. 

This starter is fed with 100% organic pre-1950s heritage wheat.  It comes with easy step-by-step activation and care instructions, and our sourdough bread recipe. Discover the many benefits of sourdough bread and begin your sourdough journey today. 

What people are saying!


Sourdough starter is great!

The instructions for getting the starter mixed and working were very thorough, and the resulting product is very good. I've made waffles, and they are so tasty!

Linda N.

Reconstituted perfectly - producing delicious bread!

The directions were clear (for a novice) - both for reconstituting the starter and for making the bread. I haven't been able to eat wheat for years, but can eat this sourdough bread (made with sunrise flours) and actually feel good from it.

Connie G.

I recommend this product

Easy to use, great instructions, and great flavor

Megan J.

Best sourdough starter

I love this starter, it has wonderful flavor. Every time I bake bread it doesn’t last long. My adult kids often ask me to bake extra loaves whenever they entertain!

Kim N.

Loved it

Great way to start sourdough on your own. Tastes delicious.

Sarah W.

Starter worked great!

I was having trouble making my own starter, so I decided to try your starter instead. It worked great! My first two sourdough loaves came out. Great! Thank you!

Lisa K.

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