Cornmeal & Rye


    Organic Cornmeal & Rye - Organic Pumpernickel Flour

    Shop Sunrise Flour Mill’s organic cornmeal and pumpernickel flour. You can use our organic cornmeal for polenta or use our non-gmo cornmeal for grits for a great, hearty breakfast. Because we love bread, one of our favorites is using our organic cornmeal for cornbread. We carry both fine and coarse cornmeal and suggest using it with our whole wheat cornbread recipe. If you want to make a delicious loaf of pumpernickel bread, try our pumpernickel flour. This dark rye flour will make tasty loaves of pumpernickel bread. Our organic rye flour tends to be higher in fiber and micronutrients than most other flours, making more nutritious.

    We hope our organic cornmeal and our organic pumpernickel flour help you and your family rediscover real food. If you have any questions about our organic cornmeal or our organic rye flour please contact us, we’re always happy to help!