Heritage Wheat Questions

Turkey Red and Red Fife are our hard wheats, and White Sonora and Pima Club are our soft wheats.

We use heritage grains, rather than ancient grains. Both ancient grains and heritage grains are pre-hybridized, pre-1950’s wheat, but ancient grains are older. We find our flours bake lighter and are more flavorful than most ancient grains.

Our wheat is grown on organic farms in Kansas, Nebraska, and Arizona.

Our flour is 100% organic. Glyphosate, or Roundup, is never used on the wheat we use to make our flour.

Organic certification has to do with the growing and processing methods. Conventional wheat can be organic but it may cause the same digestive issues as non-organic conventional wheat.

Heritage Flour Questions

Our flour is all 100% organic heritage wheat. It is pre-1950s, pre-hybridized wheat. There have been changes in wheat since the 1950’s that make modern wheat less digestible for many people. We use no modern hybridized wheat. We also use a high-velocity milling technology from the 1930’s called the “Unifine mill”. Instead of grinding the grain, the mill shatters it into minute particles, which produces a super-fine flour. It might be helpful to read comments under the various products on our website.

Many people find heritage wheat more digestible. There have been many changes in wheat since the 1950’s that make modern wheat less digestible for many people. While everyone is different, many people have found the heritage grains we use to make our flour are easier to digest than modern wheat. You may find it helpful to read the comments and reviews under our products.

It is not gluten free but many people with gluten sensitivities find it more digestible. They find they can eat it without the reactions they often have to modern wheat.

No to all of the above. It is simply wheat.

Heritage wheat has a lower percentage of protein (10%-12%) than modern wheat but it bakes like a higher percentage of protein (12%-14%)

While our strongest white flour, the T65, the preference of many French bakers, is only 11-12% it will bake much like a commercial strong flour of 13-14%. This is because of the quality of the heritage wheat and the minimal processing of our flour. Over years as wheat was bred for increased yields, the baking quality suffered. To remedy this, wheat was bred for increased protein and it worked to some extent. However, the problem might not have been the protein level so much as the over-processing and loss of vital micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. That is why our minimally processed heritage flour performs as well as higher protein flours. Protein level as a measure of flour quality is not an altogether accurate way to determine flour quality, and which flour to select for your baking needs.

None of our products are genetically modified.

We use a unifine high-velocity impact milling system that produces a super-fine, highly nutritious, 100% whole grain, single source flour.

We do not put an expiration date on our flour because it all depends on how it is stored. Our flour will last a very long time if kept cool and dry. You can freeze it if you wish but most people don’t find it necessary. If you decide to freeze it, make sure you bring the flour to room temperature before using it. We do not suggest putting it in the refrigerator because it is very drying. We like using food safe five gallon pails with screw-on lids. You could also try Cambro containers that are thick plastic and come in many shapes and sizes all with secure lids. Above all, make sure it is kept cool and dry.

It depends on how you store your flour. See “What is the best way to store your flour?”

Yes, many of our customers have had great luck with their bread machines. Generally our flour substitutes one for one so you should be able to use the recipe and instructions that came with your bread machine.

Yes, generally substitutes one for one so you can use it in any of your favorite recipes.

Our flour should substitute one-for-one in any recipe. Try it in all your favorite recipes!


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A banneton is used for proofing bread dough. It helps provide structure for the dough while it is rising. Do not put the banneton in the oven.

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