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What is heritage wheat?
More digestable , deeper in flavor and nutrient rich
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From field to flour learn how we use the classic milling method
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Heritage White Flour
Bake everything you can imagine with our truly all purpose flour
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The Best pancake mix
Order our Pancake/Waffle Mix and watch for smiles + listen for mmm yum!
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Heritage Pizza Flour
This flour makes a pizza crust beloved by professionals and home cooks alike!
Heritage Baking Mixes
Perfectly proportioned heritage mixes that delivers delicious classics in a moment’s notice!
100 Year old Sourdough starter
Our sourdough starter is perfect for beginners and experienced bakers alike!
A Great Story

In retirement, Darrold, who had been doing most of the cooking for many years, decided he wanted to branch out into bread baking. He was trying to recreate the wonderful European breads he and Marty had eaten on their travels. We wanted whole wheat and the first 6 months saw most of the bread go in the trash as hard, tasteless and pretty much inedible. The more we looked into the history of modern flour milling and bread making, the more convinced we became that it was time to return to the basics.

Amazing Reviews


The best flour I’ve ever used. Makes the best bread, pastries, cookies and pizza dough. I’m so happy with the quality, health factors, amount of fiber, and the fact that there’s no bromine in the processing.

Kimberly W.

Simply the BEST!! Why use any other flour?

Ted G.

This is the best flour. Everything I make with it turns out wonderful. I was gluten free for twelve years. After discovering this flour I have no problem with anything I make with it. Thank you so much

Suzanne G.

Being gluten sensitive for 10+ years one of the things I missed the most was great pizza. I can now make the best pizza crust ever! Thank you.

Elizabeth M.

Their products and customer service are the best!

Candace C.

I adore this flour. All of my breads come out looking great with wonderful flavor. I use this bread flour to feed my starter resulting in the best sourdough.

Lisa N.

Best flour I’ve ever used. Silky feel and bakes up well. I have a cousin with a gluten sensitivity and she eats it with no problem!

Barbara M.

We love all Sunrise Mills products! So thankful for this company and their healthy, easily digestible flour!! Makes best sourdough bread, ever

Kimberly H.

This flour is the best around and delivery is quick!

Shannon T.
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