Baking Mixes


    Organic Baking Mixes Made with Heritage Wheat

    Rediscover real food with our heritage wheat baking mixes. These organic baking mixes are made with our heritage wheat flour which is more nutritious, more flavorful and more digestible than modern hybridized wheat. In fact; many people with gluten intolerance find the heritage flour in our delicious organic baking mixes more digestible. Choose from our organic scone mix, organic crepe mix, organic drop biscuit mix or our organic bran muffin mix to find the perfect food for a healthy breakfast.

    Shop Sunrise Flour Mill’s heritage crepe mix made with heritage white flour and heritage pastry flour. This crepe mix makes making crepes easy. With our organic crepe mix you can make simple crepes or dress them up. Use our scone mix to make pumpkin scones, chocolate chip scones, blueberry scones or whatever flavors you can dream up. These delicious scones make for a quick breakfast and can be prepared ahead of time.

    Our organic bran muffin mix makes delicious muffins that you can make the day before for a healthy and easy breakfast. Use our heritage muffin mix to make raisin bran muffins, banana bran muffins or oat bran muffins. For the perfect side dish to almost any dinner, try making our organic biscuits. With our heritage drop biscuit mix you can easily prepare homemade biscuits to pair with your favorite meal.

    Many of our customers with gluten intolerances could not eat certain classic breakfast favorites until discovering our products. We hope you and your family enjoy our organic baking mixes and that they become a staple in in your healthy breakfasts. If you have any questions about our organic crepe mix, organic biscuit mix, organic scone mix or our organic bran muffin mix please contact us, we’re always happy to help!