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    Organic & Healthy Breakfast Foods Made with Heritage Wheat

    At Sunrise Flour Mill we know how important it is to have a healthy breakfast. We make healthy breakfast foods and baking mixes that are delicious, nutritious and fast for an easy breakfast. Shop our organic oatmeal, organic pancake mix, organic waffle mix, organic bran muffin mix, organic scone mix, organic crepe mix and 7-grain cereal. All our organic baking mixes are made with heritage flour making them more nutritious, more flavorful and more digestible than modern hybridized wheat. In fact; many people with gluten intolerance find our healthy breakfast foods more digestible.

    Looking for the healthiest pancake mix? We think we have one of the best pancake mixes available. Made with heritage wheat, our mix makes healthy pancakes that can be prepared in a snap. You can easily change up our pancake mix by adding different flavors and ingredients. Adding blueberries and making blueberry pancakes is a customer favorite. We recommend trying our heritage banana pancakes recipe, it’s amazing! Our heritage wheat organic pancake mix can also be used to make healthy waffles. Everyone, including your kiddos will love these organic waffles.

    Sometimes nothing sounds better than a big bowl of oatmeal or healthy cereal for breakfast. Our 7-grain cereal is chock-full of nutritious organic grains like: wheat, millet, rye, corn, barley, oats and flax. If you live in Minnesota or any other colder climate, a bowl of hot cereal will hit the spot on a cold winter day. We love to top our organic oatmeal cereal with fresh berries, nuts or fruit. To save time making breakfast, try our overnight oats recipe made with organic oats.

    Shop our organic baking mixes made with our heritage flour. We carry an organic scone mix, organic crepe mix, organic drop biscuit mix and an organic bran muffin mix. These organic baking mixes make for a quick breakfast especially if they’re made the day before. With our biscuit mix you can make homemade biscuits in a snap. If you’re interested in making crepes, our crepe mix couldn’t be easier for making simple crepes for breakfast. Use our organic scone mix made with heritage flour to make blueberry scones, pumpkin scones or even yummy chocolate chip scones.

    Many of our customers with gluten intolerances were unable to eat certain classic breakfast favorites until discovering our products. We hope you and your family enjoy our healthy breakfast foods and they become a staple in your day. If you have any questions about our healthy pancakes mix, organic waffles mix or our organic oat cereal please contact us, we’re always happy to help!