Heritage Organic Flour, Baking Mixes and Organic Pasta Bundles, Bread Kits

    Shop Sunrise Flour Mill’s bundles. Save money on our heritage wheat flours, organic pastas, organic cereals, organic pancake mixes, organic waffle mixes and our organic baking mixes by buying bundles. We want everyone to rediscover real food. To us that means using organic ingredients and heritage flour that is more nutritious, more flavorful and more digestible than modern hybridized wheat. Many people with gluten intolerance find our heritage flour products more digestible. We encourage you to read our reviews to see the great results our customers with gluten intolerance have had.

    If you’re new to heritage wheat, our stock your pantry gift pack will get your stocked up fast. This gift pack includes organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic scone mix, organic 7-grain cereal, organic white flour, organic crepe mix, organic pizza flour, organic bran muffin mix, organic whole wheat pastry flour, organic drop biscuit mix, organic cereals and organic oat cereal.

    Our heritage flour gift pack makes a great gift for a baker. With 2 lb. bags of organic white flour, organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic whole wheat pastry flour and organic pizza flour, the baker in your life with be ready to bake whatever their heart desires. The Deluxe heritage flour gift pack has 5 lb. bags of flour and comes with a free Danish dough whisk!

    We offer a Breakfast Bundle and a deluxe breakfast bundle filled with healthy breakfast options everyone in your family will love. This gift set comes with a 3 lb. bag of organic 7-grain, a 5 lb. bag of organic 7-grain pancake and waffle mix, and a 2 lb. bag of oat cereal. Our deluxe breakfast set has the same healthy breakfast products, but they come in larger 5 lb. bags. Who doesn’t like pancakes? Most people go through a lot of our organic pancake mix, so why not stock up? With our heritage pancake gift packs, you will be ready to feed your family and friends healthy pancakes for weeks to come. Each pancake bundles comes with 2.5 lb. bags of heritage pancake and waffle mix. Looking for organic baking mixes? Shop our baking bundles of our heritage scone mix, organic crepe mix, organic bran muffin mix and organic drop biscuit mix.

    We also carry organic pasta bundles. There’s no need to choose which heritage pasta to buy because our gift packs come with organic rigatoni pasta, organic radiatore pasta and organic fusilli pasta. If fusilli noodles are your favorite, we have a gift pack with 3 boxes! For the pizza lover, we have the Heritage Organic Pizza Kit that includes: organic pizza flour, homemade pizza recipe card, pizza wheel and pizza cutter. With our pizza kit you can make pizza at home easily.

    Some find that making a sourdough starter can be frustrating, that’s why we made our sourdough starter kit. This sourdough starter kit has everything you need to make sourdough bread at home. Each kit comes with organic heritage bread flour and our 100 year old starter. Use our sourdough starter with our sourdough bread recipes to make tasty sourdough breads from scratch. Sunrise also carries a Bread Kit and a deluxe bread kit. If you’ve just started baking bread at home, these kits will provide you with all the ingredients and tools you need to bake the perfect loaf!

    Many of our customers with gluten intolerances were unable to eat certain foods until they discovered our heritage products. We hope you and your family enjoy making homemade meals that are healthy, delicious and nutritious using our heritage wheat products. If you have any questions about our organic flour bundles, pasta gift packs, bread kits, pizza kits, organic baking mix bundles or our pancake and waffle mix packs, please contact us, we’re always happy to help!