Baking Tools


    Baking Tools, Bread Making Tools

    At Sunrise Flour Mill we offer a wonderful selection of baking tools and bread making tools. Browse out banneton bread proofing baskets, Danish dough whisks, bread knives, bench knives, lame bread scoring tools and turners. Our baking tools make the perfect gift for a baker.

    We carry banneton baskets in round and oval shapes. Each banneton basket comes with a liner which is optional to use. These bread proofing baskets will give your bread dough the structure necessary to hold its shape while waiting to bake. These banneton baskets come in 8" and 9" sizes. Our Danish Dough Whisk is essential tool for any baker. This danish dough whisk easily slides through bread dough and makes cleanup much easier than a wooden spoon. Another baking tool everyone who makes homemade bread needs is a high-quality bread knife. Our favorite is the Mercer bread knife. We think it's the best bread knife available. It easily slices through bread, making perfect, uniform cuts.

    If you're shopping for the best bench scraper, check out our bench knife for bread dough by Lamson. With a walnut handle and stainless-steel blade, this dough cutter is a baking tool you must have in your kitchen. Before your bread is ready to go in the oven, scoring it with a bread lame will help release heat and allow the bread to bake and rise properly. We think this is the best bread lame around. Another essential kitchen tool that's great for flipping pancakes and transferring cookies, is our turner by Lamson. This will be a kitchen tool you'll find yourself reaching for time and time again.

    We hope our baking tools will inspire you to make homemade bread, bake and rediscover real food. If you have any questions about our turner spatulas, Danish dough hook, bench knife, bread knife, bread lame or our banneton baskets please contact us, we're always happy to help!