Darrold, Marty, and their Grandson

Our Trip to Alaska

When you were in elementary school, did you start the first day back in the fall by writing a one-page paper on; What I Did This Summer?

School is about to start so this is my essay on what we did this summer. Darrold is having a special birthday in a couple of months and I asked him what he wanted to do. I was pretty sure I knew the answer - Alaska.

He spent 13 months in the Navy on Kodiak Island - not terribly exciting for a 19 year old. He and his good friend from basic training went back a few years ago. Even though they were 50 years older. Kodiak looked the same so Darrold had no desire to return again- but Alaska still called his name so we packed our bags and headed to Juneau.

Our grandson was working in Juneau for the summer and we were able to see him. It’s been several years since we last saw him and I did a good job of not blubbering when we saw him, but I was on the inside. Our grandparent hearts were full.

One thing that makes travel a little tricky for us is food. I’m sure some of you can relate. Part of traveling is trying local foods- but when we veer from dietary routines too much, we feel it in our bodies. We didn’t need a gluten flare-up 2600 miles from home- so I packed 10 lbs of Sunrise Flour Mill products in my checked bag.

While we were there, we stayed in two different houses due to availability. If we will be at a place for several days while traveling, the first thing Darrold does is get his sourdough bubbling in anticipation of warm bread from the oven.

I know what you're thinking… How in the world do you bring a sourdough starter on a plane?!

Here's what we do: If you’re checking a bag it’s not so difficult. Darrold put some in a small jar. He then put it in a plastic bag secured with a rubber band. If you keep it at under 3.5 oz, you should be able to take it in your carryon. Make sure to label it either way.

Since we weren't in our own kitchen, we both had to do a little improvising when it came to ingredients and equipment.

Flexibility!! That’s key. Darrold scoured the first kitchen and actually found 2 bread pans. It’s a good thing he baked two loaves there, because there were no suitable pans at the second house. Though he was missing other tools that have become essential to him (his dough scraper, and thermometer) he was able to wing it and make some really great bread!

I wanted to bake cookies right away. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies and I had everything I needed but vanilla. I didn’t want to buy it and just used a teaspoon or two. Could cookies be made without it? Yes, they can. They were good and didn’t last long

The point of all this is - be flexible and use your imagination. Something is better than nothing :)

During our trip we went fishing, whale watching, shopping, and did plenty of relaxing. Take a look at some of the photos below.

darrold, marty, and their grandsonDarrold and his grandson fishinga whale in Alaska

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about our trip! We had a really great time and I'm ready to get back to the kitchen to make more wonderful recipes to share with you!

All for now, 

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