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Paint Your Sourdough Bread

Trends are interesting. Some make me scratch my head and others can be quite fun and/or delicious. Have you seen the new trend to paint your bread? I was intrigued, so we gave it a shot. Here’s how it went.

First, we needed to make a loaf of bread. We followed our easy yeast bread recipe and used the Heritage Bread Blend. This recipe is perfect for beginners and it’s delicious! You can also do it on your sourdough bread. Here's a sourdough bread recipe and a sourdough starter if you need one!

We got some gel food coloring and mixed it with a little water. I used multiple little containers to keep the colors straight. A muffin tin or ice cube tray would work great! I washed out some paint brushes and laid my loaf in front of me.

I painted the loaf at the end of its last proof, that way I could put it right into the oven when I was done. Don't forget to score your bread still… It would be devastating if it ruptured through your masterpiece in the oven!

When I was done painting, I baked the loaf. To my surprise, the design did not run or get too distorted in the oven. It came out looking awesome!!

All in all, this is one of the few “trends” I can get behind. Using your bread as a paint canvas can be very fun and encourage all kinds of creativity! My wheels are already turning about what I will paint on my next loaf… maybe a little note to Darrold!

It’s a great activity to do with friends or family. I know a few of you have some little kitchen helpers who would love to get their hands on a paintbrush to decorate your loaf!

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