Heritage Cinnamon Rolls

Heritage Cinnamon Rolls



  • McKenzie

    Can this recipe be made without the potatoes? Is there a simple substitution of something else?

  • Diane Cramer

    I made these this morning and found that 20 minutes at 350 is not enough time. They were still doughy. After eating one, I put the pan back in the oven for another 10 minutes, and the second roll still wasn’t quite done. I shut off the oven and left them in there for 20 minutes and now they are finally a little bit golden on top and done. I recommend either a higher temperature or more time or both.

  • Carol J.Sheets

    These were So Yummy!! I am making again.Thank you!!

  • Vicki Henry

    I was trying to read the reviews for the cinnamon rolls but when I pressed the reviews I inadvertently rated the cinnamon rolls. I never made them. How do I read reviews without rating?

  • Beverly Landey

    So if using potato flakes are you making them into the mashed potato’s first and the using? Or are you just putting dried flakes in your dough?

  • Kate Vorster

    Wonder how it’d work to try and half the recipe?🤔

  • Lucia

    Thank yo for the recipie!
    Looks yummy, I Love to have some of those, but I can not eat potatoes, how can I replace it for?
    Thank you very much!

  • Donna

    Could these be frozen after slicing into rolls? 18-24 rolls is too many

  • Barbara Floyd

    I would like to send one or two of your recipes to myself so I can print them easier. I do not do Facebook, twitter, or Pinterest. Why don’t you enable it so I could email the recipe to myself or someone else? We are not all social computer nerds. Some of us have only gotten as far as emails and want to keep it that way. Thanks for listening.

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