Heritage Challah

Heritage Challah



  • Rebecca

    The egg wash is step #9.

  • Gina

    Made this beautiful loaf this morning. Fortunately, I am an experienced baker so though the instructions are not detailed, the loaf turned out well. Be sure to “bloom” your yeast don’t simply place in the flour and be sure to knead or mix with a dough hook long enough to give the bread the “toughness” of a good challah bread. The texture is somewhat mealy (maybe off a bit on the kneading) and the taste is a bit bland, but butter and honey made it tasty. I think the rest of this loaf will be used for toast. The braiding instructions were excellent and the loaf is beautiful! I will try it again converting all the measurements to weight – baking is a science.

  • Jay

    I made this Sunday morning to serve with our Chanukah dinner that evening! Excellent recipe, easy to make, and everyone loved it!! All said that it was better than bakery quality!! A great looking and smelling dough!!

  • Sue

    No mention of egg wash in directions. Assuming egg white and water are whisked and brushed on bread prior to baking. Please clarify, thank you.

  • Jane

    2 questions:
    The yeast can be tossed in with the flour and water? Or should it be bloomed in the water and then added to the flour? And second, where do you add the egg white wash, just before baking? Thanks

  • Rachel Anderson

    Best video for how to braid 4 strands!

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