Heritage Kolaches

Heritage Kolaches



  • Mary Beth

    It looks like I can make these vegan. What do you think?

  • Ann Sisel

    We make apricot ones with an even eggier dough from a Nebraska Czech community. I put 5-6 eggs in mine and 1/2 and half and butter.

    Ann Sisel

  • Liz

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I grew up in a little Czech farming community in southeast MN & the kolachy or buchty have always been a family favorite. I’ve tried to recreate them, but haven’t been satisfied. I’m very excited to give this recipe a try.
    I wanted to confirm;
    the recipe above says to bake at 475, which seems very hot. Is that temperature accurate?

  • Marcie Peach

    My grandmother made kolachi, my mother made kolachki, I make kolachki. Your recipe calls for double the butter and eggs than my grandmother’s. But, being relatively new to your wonderful Heritage flours, I’m anxious to try your recipe!! Poppyseed, cream cheese or almond paste are favorites in our family. Thanks so much for sharing all your recipes.

  • Carol Nustad

    I can’t find the baking instructions for the kolache.

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