Heritage Pumpkin Bread

Heritage Pumpkin Bread



  • Jerri Saunders

    I made cupcakes!! Twice! I substituted 1/3 cup coconut milk + 1/3 cup buttermilk for the water. Chopped pecans & placed on top of batter. When cooled used a drizzle powdered sugar frosting with a small amount of cream cheese and the coconut milk. Baked cupcakes for 25 minutes. Toothpick checked for doneness.

  • Rasmussen, Kathleen

    What size pans and how many for this heritage pumpkin bread recipe, please? I’m guessing 2 loaf pans. Is that correct?

  • Annie C.

    Dear Sunrise Flour Mill;
    I am excited to read this recipe. I will make mini loafs, without raisins or nuts.
    Everyone will be excited to receive one to take home for breakfast & coffee next morning. Thank you .
    Annie C.

  • Susan

    What size pan(s) are best?

  • Dolores Sarna

    I used fresh pureed pumpkin from pie pumpkins I cooked myself. It results in a more subtle, lighter bread. Also, this recipe is for a fairly large amount of batter. I made 2 large loaves, 6 mini-loaves and 1 medium-size gift loaf in a disposable paper bake pan with one batch of batter. The smaller loaves have to be baked at 20-30 minutes instead of 1 hour.

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