Improve the quality, nutritional content, and digestibility of your baked goods

Heritage wheat is the wheat the way it used to be

Heritage wheat was the predominant wheat grown in America up until the 1950’s. Many find it more digestible, easier to bake with, and rich in flavor and nutritional value. It is the unadulterated wheat that nourished our ancestors for generations.

Conventional modern wheat is very different from heritage wheat. During the Green Revolution of the 1950’s, high-yielding, modern wheat was developed. This modern wheat has a different chromosome structure and less digestible gluten. Additionally, modern wheat requires more insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to grow.

It became obvious to us that we needed to go back to the way wheat used to be- we needed heritage wheat.

Heritage wheat is easy to work with, more digestible, substitutes one for one in any recipe, and create lighter and loftier baked goods. This wheat is experiencing a resurgence- it’s the grain that’s changing the game.

Benefits of Heritage Wheat


Many people find heritage wheat more digestible


Superior flavor compared to conventional wheat


Higher nutrient/micronutrient content than conventional wheat

Loftier Baking

Achieve loftier baked goods using heritage wheat

Easy to use

Substitutes one for one in your favorite recipes

Soil health

Deep root system allows the wheat to reach water deep down

Amazing Reviews!


So far I have enjoyed using this flour in cookies, brownies, bread, muffins, and bars. It works great, and I’m happy knowing that I’m feeding my family something healthy.

Sharleen P.

The best flour! From the shipping to the end product, Sunrise Flour is the best! I have a gluten allergy and have no symptoms or discomfort at all.

Amy C.
Los Angeles, CA

I love baking with this flour. My bread and baked goods taste great, but without the stomachache of cheaper poorer quality flour.

Vickie B.

Only Sunrise Heritage White Flour for this family. We love the flours taste and how it does not bother my stomach. It is the only flour we are and will be buying from now on! We are baking all of our own bread ; homemade!

Pamela T.

It's great! My son is very sensitive to gluten, I made pizza and banana bread and he had no ill effectives from the flour. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Lynn S.

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