DELUXE Bread Kit (with bonus Sourdough Starter)


Banneton Bread Proofing Basket with Liner × 2

Sunrise Flour Mill’s new Deluxe Bread Kit


We're now offering a DELUXE version of our beloved Bread Kit. It has everything you, or the baker you care about, need to bake incredible-looking, delicious, and nutritious rustic bread. From start to finish these premium quality tools will be kitchen staples for years to come. $119.00 value for only $99.00!


This Deluxe Bread Kit includes:


  • 5lb bag of Heritage Bread Blend Flour -  This flour is blended specifically for baking a great tasting, nourishing loaf of bread, but you can also use it for all your baking.


  • 2 Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets with linen liners - Your choice of either 8” round or 9” oval. Bannetons are especially helpful with wet doughs and sourdough because they give you some structure and support while rising takes place. You can also use without the liner to get the spiral design on your loaf or use with the liner for a smooth boule. Using a banneton can be the difference between a flat loaf or a beautiful boule.


  • Danish Dough Whisk - You will love this versatile mixing tool so much you will wonder how you got along without it. You will use it for your initial bread dough ingredient incorporation, as well as all your stirring and mixing - batters, pancake mix, gravies, etc. ,and cleanup is a breeze.


  • Dough Scraper - This flexible plastic tool is perfect for scraping out the sides of your mixing bowl.


  • Lame Scoring Tool - Sourdough bread needs to be scored before putting it in the oven or the gas will explode out the side or top. This tool gives you the ability to cut cleanly and deeply.


  • Bread Knife - The Mercer 10” Bread Knife is the best serrated knife we have used over our decades of home baking. It’s far superior to any we have used. Slice bread cleanly, accurately, and easily.


  • Bench Knife - Perfect tool for dividing your dough, scraping your work surface, and especially helpful when working with wet, high hydration recipes. Made in Massachusetts since 1837.


  • Sunrise Flour Mill Recipe Card - The same sourdough recipe we use at home, recommend, and teach when we do sourdough baking classes.


BONUS: 100 Year Old Italian Sourdough Starter - With this Deluxe Bread Kit, we want you to have our coveted 100-year-old sourdough starter. This starter was brought to us over a decade ago from the Italian countryside, were it had already been providing wonderful loaves of bread for over 100 years. This is just what you need to begin, or level up your sourdough journey. In just 3-5 days it will be ready to bake with. It comes in a dehydrated state with instructions for growing and maintaining it.


As you can see this Deluxe Bread Kit is meant to be your baking companion for years to come!


Additional information

Banneton Bread Proofing Basket with Liner

Weight N/A
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Banneton Shape

Round 8", Oval 9"


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