Redmond Real Salt & Sunrise Flour Mill

Redmond Real Salt & Sunrise Flour Mill

When it comes to food, it's no secret that quality is a non negotiable for us. We have spent an extensive amount of time and effort sourcing the world's best wheat - along with what we feel are the best raw ingredients for our mixed products.

Today I want to chat about salt. Just like wheat, not all salt is created equal.

After careful consideration, research, and testing- we decided that Redmond Salt is the only salt that met our standards.

We use Redmond Real Salt in our Heritage 7-Grain Pancake Mix, Heritage Scone Mix, Heritage Biscuit Mix, Heritage Crepe Mix, and Heritage Bran Muffin Mix.

You may be wondering what makes Redmond Real Salt special. There are a few things!

Real Salt is mined from a pristine, underground salt deposit in Utah left behind by an ancient sea. This salt deposit is protected from harmful pollutants.

The salt mined from this deposit contains 60+ trace minerals and is unrefined and all natural- exactly the way nature intended it to be.

Another reason we love Redmond Real Salt is because it is mined in the USA giving this reputable company complete control of the process from their mine to our mill.

We believe in quality through and through- we have found the highest quality salt for our premium mixes and will continue to source and support Redmond Real Salt!

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