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Sunrise Flour Mill's 10 Whole Grain Product

When Darrold and I started the mill, one of our goals was to get more people to eat whole grains.

Why whole grains?

Whole grains are high in fiber, nutrients, and the all-important micro-nutrients. Several studies show that a diet rich in whole grains helps to avoid a number of diseases and it promotes digestive health.

Did you know Sunrise Flour Mill has 10 Whole Grain Products?

Sunrise Flour Mill’s Ten Whole Grain Products (and what we like to do with them):

Heritage Whole Wheat Flour: Bake the fluffiest whole wheat muffins you've ever had. Using our unique "Unifine Mill", this whole wheat flour is as fine as white flour, which means it’s a highly versatile whole wheat flour. Looking to make whole wheat bread? This is our recommendation!

Heritage Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Also just as fine as our White Flour, formulated to bake nutritious pastries. Makes amazing cookies you'd never know were whole wheat!

Heritage Wheat Berries: Like to grind wheat at home, or want to use in a recipe? This is as close as you can get to fresh harvested, organic whole grain, nutrient dense wheat. Easy to use in wheat berry salads and chili.

Cornmeal (fine and coarse ground): Bake flavor- packed fresh organic cornbread to pair with (wheat berry) chili. Don't forget to slather honey butter on it.

Heritage White Sonora Wheat Berries: These delicious wheat berries make wonderful whole wheat pastry flour and are a “very flavorful, slightly sweet addition to artisan breads” (<--- direct quote taken from a review!)

7-Grain Cereal: This could be the simplest, most nutrient dense and diverse breakfast option you've ever tried.

Oat Cereal: Not your average tasteless oatmeal. These fresh rolled oats are nutty, creamy, hearty, filling, and just darn delicious.

Rye (fine and coarse ground): Make the happiest, and extra flavorful sourdough starters, or pumpernickel swirl bread with this organic flour.

Even a small amount of whole grains in your diet can make a positive difference in your health.

We have recipes on our website that use these whole grains and there are more to come. What recipes do you use whole grains in?

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