How To Shape a Pizza Crust

How To Shape a Pizza Crust

Heritage Pizza Flour makes a dynamite crust that many will find more digestible. It is a blend of our Heritage White Flour and our Heritage Whole Wheat Flour. You achieve the beautiful rise of the white flour while retaining the flavor and nutrition of the whole wheat. Truly the best of both worlds.

Pizza means a good time- at least in my book. It typically accompanies special gatherings and its quick, easy, and versatile nature means it holds the power to please any crowd!

We are lucky to have an outdoor pizza oven so our summer gatherings usually include pizza. We have some crusts ready with bowls of toppings for our guests to make their favorite pizza. 

Some people are intimidated by making pizza at home- especially when it comes time to shape the crust. Fun fact- you actually don't need to be able to twirl your dough six feet in the air to make a good pizza crust.

Like many things, there are a million different ways to go about shaping a pizza crust. We're simply here to tell you one of many methods to shape a pizza crust.

Start with a dough ball.
Form the dough ball into a disk,
Push and pat the dough down into a circle.
Then form a ridge all the way around the edge
Continue to pat and twist the dough in circular motion to keep the dough round
Pick the dough up and using closed fists placed in the center of your dough, let gravity stretch the dough around your hand. You can rotate the dough with closed fists to avoid tearing it.
Once it reaches your desired thickness, place the dough on your primed pizza peel and top it with your favorite toppings.

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