Heritage Cheddar Cheese Crackers

Heritage Cheddar Cheese Crackers



  • Colleen King

    Just tried these and they are a wonderful taste and mouth feel. Cooled in oven as suggested and nice and crisp. Thank you.

  • Kathy

    Can vegan cheese be used in this recipe?

  • Barb Williamson

    Followed instructions exactly. Despite using sharp cheddar cheese, found them rather bland. Used Heritage whole wheat flour. Could that be the reason?

  • Coastal Kate

    Hey! When you say 3 “cups of cheese”, are we talkin 21 ounces or 3 literal cups of grated cheese?

  • Lee Longo

    These look amazing. It’s going to sound picky…do you poke a lot of the fork holes in each cracker or just a few before cutting with the pizza cutter. I can see some in the picture.
    My granddaughter is a type one diabetic and celiac. She will love these. Thank you.

  • John Sauer

    Absolutely fabulous. Be ready for a session of gluttony. Once you start eating these it is hard to stop.

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