Creating & Maintaining Heritage Sourdough Starter

Creating & Maintaining Heritage Sourdough Starter



  • Linda

    Cathy, look for ‘Sour Dough Discard Recipes’.

  • Coleen Arnfield

    I am just beginning bread making. I am using your heritage flours and I have been very happy with the results. I use a bread machine primarily for the kneading and raising process, and I have been using bread machine recipes. I was wondering if it is possible to adapt your recipes for bread machines. Another question I have is that I find that many sourdough recipes require yeast as well as sourdough. Why is that?

  • Ann

    I am still working on it ,ty

  • Susan Metzger

    How is the levain made?

  • Cathy Cosby

    When making the starter, why do you need to throw half of it away? Why can’t you use the whole thing? If you have to divide it, can you share that one half with a friend? I’m just not understanding why half needs to be thrown away.

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