Nutritious, flavorful, and digestible Pasta

Two ingredient heritage wheat pasta that’s hearty, not heavy

A healthier wheat pasta

Sunrise Flour Mill 's Pasta is made in small batches from two simple ingredients: our highest quality heritage wheat flour, and water. Many people find our heritage wheat more digestible. It creates pasta that is hearty, not heavy! We use bronze dies that give our pasta a rough surface that will better hold your favorite sauces. It is then slowly air-dried at low temperatures to retain as much flavor and nutritional value as possible. Works well cold for pasta salads, or hot with your favorite sauces.


Many people find heritage wheat more digestible


Superior flavor compared to conventional wheat pasta

Two ingredients

Flour and water- zero additives or enrichment

small batches

Made in small batches in house by our production team


Since it’s made from heritage wheat, it's hearty, not heavy

WHole wheat

With a smidgen of whole wheat, there is an extra nutrition boost

Customer Reviews



I'm over 60 and this pasta I the only pasta I’ve ever used that doesn’t stick together and it actually tastes fabulous! We will never use anything but this!

Julie V.

Being able to eat pasta again is a treat and all SFM pastas are excellent. After years of trying to find a gluten free pasta that tasted good, we are enjoying this so much.

Martha W.

Delicious pasta that I can actually eat! It is definitely comparable to gourmet, high end pastas from specialty stores. Cooks up perfectly al dente and is never mushy.


I LOVE THIS PASTA! Great flavor and mouth feel. Cooks faster than conventional pasta, and I find I can digest it without issue. YAY! Pasta is back on my plate after 8 years of avoiding all grain before finding Sunrise Flour Mills!

Lily S.

This is by far the best pasta I've ever tasted. The noodles cook up almost soft and fluffy, in a great way. I'll definitely be getting these again.

Aaron T.