7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix
7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix
7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix
7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix
7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix
7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix

7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix

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About 7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix

Our 7-Grain Heritage Pancake Mix is a customer favorite. This pancake mix makes healthy pancakes that are surprisingly light, yet filling with a blend of 7 organic whole grains. There are many health benefits to these organic whole grains. They are packed with nutrients, are an excellent source of fiber, and may reduce risk of heart disease. It makes light waffles, too. Top with syrup, whipped cream, fruit… or just top it with another pancake or waffle. That's what we do!

This mix is made with heritage wheat, Redmond Real Salt, along with other carefully selected high quality ingredients.  You can enjoy these pancakes knowing you're consuming the best! 

Many people with gluten intolerance find the heritage wheat we use in our organic pancake mix more digestible than modern hybridized wheat.

7 Organic Whole Grains Heritage

Turkey Red Wheat Flour, Heritage White Sonora Wheat Flour, oat flour, rye flour, buckwheat flour, wild rice flour, and flax meal.

What Makes Organic Pancake Mix Different

  • Made with Organic Heritage Wheat
  • Organic
  • More Flavorful
  • Non-Bleached
  • High in Fiber
  • More Nutritious
  • Non-Bromated
  • Zero Additives
  • More Digestible

What is Heritage wheat?

Heritage Wheat-The Way Wheat Used to Be:

Heritage wheat was the predominant wheat grown in America up until the 1950’s. Many people find it more digestible than modern wheat. Its long deep root system allowed it to survive the Dust Bowl, and gave the Midwest its famous nickname “The Bread Basket”. Heritage wheat was a staple in every household. The history of it can be tracked to biblical times and has been responsible for nourishing generations. It was grown before the introduction of intensive scientific plant breeding.This wheat is experiencing a resurgence.


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