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00 Flour Explained

00 flour, AKA doppio zero, AKA double zero flour… no matter what you call it… it’s all the same thing. But what is 00 flour anyway?

In layman's terms, 00 flour is a measure of the grind size of flour.

In Italy (among other parts of Europe) flour is categorized by the size of the grind. The grind of the flour is measured on a scale from 00-2 with 00 being the finest grind and 2 being the coarsest. In the United States, flour is not measured this way. In the U.S., we categorize flour by its protein (or gluten) content.

00 flour is often called for in recipes for pizza dough or homemade pasta. Oftentimes people ask us if we have 00 flour. Since we don’t measure flour this way we do not, but that’s not to say we don’t have something as good or better.

The fineness of the grind of our flour is very comparable to 00 grind.

So, if your recipe calls for 00 Flour, which Sunrise Flour Mill Flour should you get??

Heritage Pizza Flour. Why? It delivers a similar texture as 00 flour.

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