Heritage Ginger Snaps

Heritage Ginger Snaps



  • Helen

    “Terrible”! so addicting. Absolutely delicious!!!

  • Molly

    Will regular Heritage White Flour work here, also, instead of whole wheat pastry flour?

  • Jean

    I made these with softened butter instead of coconut oil but they were amazing. Perfectly soft and perfectly spiced.

  • Clay

    Made these today, they came out great, very good recipe

  • Thérèse Collins

    I baked half of the dough before I decided it was spreading too much and not puffing as I hoped. I added 2 TBSP flour to the dough that was left and these cookies baked up better. I couldn’t find mild molasses, so had to use blackstrap, which was fine for flavor for me, but made for a very dark cookie. I also doubled the ginger, added nutmeg and allspice and black pepper (my other favorite recipe has them. We like very gingery cookies!

  • Paula W.

    This recipe is fabulous! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Definitely hubby- approved!!!

  • Susan

    Light brown or dark brown sugar?

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