Heritage Pizza Crust

Heritage Pizza Crust



  • Kirsten

    Thanks for the tip on rice flour!
    I’ve never had success with cornmeal so I use a piece of parchment paper to (slowly, no need to rush) top my stretched dough and transfer to the pizza stone in the oven. After 3 minutes or so I can shimmy the pizza off the parchment and continue cooking directly on the stone.
    Could you please address when you’d use the range of yeast called for? And the range of salt?
    In what situation would it make sense to use less yeast? In what situation would you recommend using more?

  • Jessica

    Can I freeze it? Love your product, by the way!

  • Alison Henry

    If you refrigerate the dough balls in a covered container, do you proof them on the counter beforehand for the 1-2 hours, or do you put them in the fridge right away and then proof them for 1-2 hours before baking the pizza? Thank you!

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