Homemade Heritage Noodles

Homemade Heritage Noodles



  • Wendy

    Can’t wait to try this pasta recipe. Just purchased more of the pizza flour.

  • Therese Collins

    Made this for the first time. I had never attempted pasta as I had assumed it would be too hard, but this recipe came together easily (I did need about 2 Tbsp water) and it cooked up great! Forgot to take a picture to show off my handiwork.

  • Arlene

    I cannot wait to make these and add to homemade chicken stock!

  • Michelle

    You are so right about homemade pasta! When our children were grade school age we live in Naples Italy for 3 years. One of the field trips they all took was to a seafood market that was downtown on the piers of Puzzoli and we would buy fresh clams. Then we would go back to the class room and make fresh pasta and serve the kids pasta ala vongole…OMG (chef’s kiss) it’s the best!

  • Shannon

    I see this is an “egg noodle.” Does that mean it can be used in soup without becoming mushy?

  • Gloria

    I have ALL your flours, except pizza flour. Can I use your AP or bread flour?

  • Susan

    Can you make the pasta and store it or freeze it?

  • Miriam Sicilia

    Thank you so much for this pasta recipe! How does the Pizza flour differ from your all purpose flour? Does it make the pasta lighter?

  • Jean

    OK, so for Lasagne you can use this rolled out as a sheet and bake it, right?! I am so excited. Thank you for posting this.

  • Teri

    Why Oil? What does it do?

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